Microsoft Expression Media Reader

Microsoft Expression Media Reader 2.0

The Media Reader 2 is a nice tool for those that do not have Expression Media
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Microsoft Expression Media Reader is a nice program that allows users to see Expression Media catalogs without the need of having Expression Media program. It opens IVC files that belong to Expression Media, allowing the user to see all the media inside the catalog. This tool is useful for cross-OS viewing, as the Media Reader can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac. Therefore, a media catalog created in Windows can be viewed on a Mac and vice versa, without any issues. The reader also allows quick organization options in case you need it when viewing the catalog files. Although Expression Media 2 has more power for Digital Assets Management, many users were unable to read the catalogs as the file format was very specific. Now with Media Reader, several new uses are being made the IVC files, such as educational presentations, where the teacher create a catalog with Expression Media and the students just need the Media Reader to view it. There is no other alternative: if you wish to view IVC files, this is the best and only one way.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Interface feels sluggish
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